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One of my first memories is my grandmother’s old English sheepdog, Tramp, sitting by the fire at her house in Lower Slaughter. I thought he was enormous and beautiful. I love dogs and I love drawing them.

I am very happy to have the portraits mounted and framed for you, please ask for a quote.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a commission or have any questions. Discussing dogs is one of my favourite things.

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“My mother is over the moon, she said you have brought Bella back to life again, she is so happy, thank you”.

— Stephanie H-B

“A huge thank you to Radio H-P for introducing Mouse. She is the most brilliant portrait painter of dogs I commissioned her to draw my husband’s black Labrador for a Christmas present and he was over the moon. She gets into the soul of the animal and completely captures the dog’s character.”

— Fiona

Dog Portraits

I use coloured charcoals and pastels on coloured paper, generally a neutral tone or pale grey depending on the hair colour of the subject.

To capture the quiddity and character of the dog nothing is better than meeting nose to nose. A dog is as individual as a person, with a distinct personality that would be harder (but not impossible) to transfer to paper without first hand experience. It is the difference between a picture of a dog and a portrait of the person under the fur.

We spend some of the year with family abroad; lots of high quality photographs are essential so that I can draw wherever we are. I prefer to take the photographs myself (where possible, I live in Wiltshire) but if this isn’t possible, videos of the dog in his/her element are also very helpful in addition to photos.


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